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About HE Hotel School

Hospitality Education (Pvt) Ltd, Hotel School
HE Hotel School

Hospitality Education (Pvt) Ltd has been established as a Leader in Hospitality Education in Sri Lanka to provide a comprehensive professional training to Hospitality Industry.

Our Vision – To provide a World Class International Hospitality Education that exceeds the expectations
of our esteemed customers.
Our Mission – To be the best Hospitality Education School and continue to be the Number One in
hospitality Education.

  1. 1. To provide high potential trained youth for employment with practical and professional training in range of operational departments in Hospitality Industry.
  2. 2. To offer a flexible Management Course work to suit the needs and interests of the individuals.
  3. 3. To offer direct access to pioneer hoteliers and Industry experts
  4. 4. To provide latest management operational skills through a structured and professional course curriculum combined with contemporary industry practices
  5. 5. To ensure employment opportunities and rapid career advancement within the Hospitality Industry
  1. 1. Greet all our guests with a Smile with Respect
  2. 2. Never say NO to our guests and always provide with alternatives.
  3. 3. Delivering a Warm, Engaging and Responsive Service
  4. 4. Exceed guest’s expectations
Your Benefits
  • Professional enhancement that gives you exquisite opportunities to master the Hospitality Industry.
  • Career opportunities in Local and International Star Class Hotels
  • Empower you as a qualified professional in the Hospitality Education
  • Restaurant etiquettes and personality development.
Background and Development

Founded in 2016, Hospitality Education is renowned for the outstanding holistic education that we provide in the field of hospitality education in Sri Lanka.

We offered variety of Educational Programmes in hospitality education to provide career opportunities and to enhance and empower the individuals with knowledge and skills – mainly in Hospitality Education.

Our Panel of Lecturers

Our panel of lecturers are highly recognized Hoteliers in the Hospitality Industry in Sri Lanka.
Teaching methods include lectures, seminars, tutorials, practical demonstrations, field work and e-learning. Multimedia technologies are increasingly used.

Career Opportunities

We offer career / job opportunities to the dynamic individuals in the hotel industry. Our priority group will be the students who followed Hospitality Education Course offered by us. Vacancies are categorized as Local and Foreign. We guarantee your safety and future.

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Our Philosophy

Inspiring today's children to succeed in tomorrow's world.

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