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Family Camp in Moratuwa

We have already started conducting the social activities which would really enhance the Social Etiquettes of the people living in our society to practice excellent manners in day to day life.
“Family Camp” is a popular contemporary social activity. “Family Camp - Moratuwa” was such programme where Life & Style fitted in perfectly.
As a social responsibility, Life & Style provided an exclusive session on Social etiquettes and table mannerism - a much needed requirement in the today’s world at the “Family Camp- Moratuwa.”

Life & Style,Advanced Master Class in Kandy

* Included Eight Sessions / 8 Master Classes to enhance your career development in Restaurant Service.
* Each session consisted of 3 hours of training, related to Food & Beverage Service which provided the necessary working knowledge to work in a 5* hotel.
* All the participants of the Advanced Master Class 1-8 were awarded a valid Certificate at the end of the Full Session.
** We are happy to state that Advanced Master Class in Kandy was a great success.