“Culinary Dreams”

4 hours – Certificate Program

We proudly announce that Life & Style Master Class Part 02 begins within the near future.

Our goal is to help you to become a self-confident Chef, at home or even in your workplace,

To provide you with a comprehensive professional knowledge on Culinary – purely based on

Hand in hand experience with the Master Chef.

To empower you with Professional enhancement and personality development, to offer career opportunities in Hospitality Industry – Locally and Internationally.


Our Vision

We provide, A place to chill out, meet new friends and learn the new way for one of the most widespread comfort learning, capture your Culinary Dreams of Indian, Italian, Sri Lankans and

Chinese food by Master Chef; enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.

Cooking is fun! Great cooking comes from great foundations. Learning new tips, tricks and skills in the kitchen can help you to be more successful – but also to have fun!

All our classes include technical skills and techniques that will help you make delicious food and spend less time in kitchen. Our classes are based just on culinary skills. We make freshly made

Dishes – using the best and freshest Ingredients.

Your Opportunity

Specially designed for you “GROWN UPS” YOUNG ADULTS & ADULTS, to spice up your life with excitement.

Chill out, Meet new friends & learn…

“Culinary DREAMS” is a novel and an innovative experience entirely different from the regular CLASSROOM environment – NO BOOKS.

“Culinary DREAMS” is a place is to chill out, meet new friends & learn the new way within your own space.

Location, look & feel… and our chefs “Culinary DREAMS” classes are designed for all skill levels from the YOUNG ADULTS to GROWN UPS. We guarantee that our classes are taught by quailed & experienced Chefs.

To groom you to become the ultimate in style, elegance and social etiquette in the hospitality/corporate sectors.

Our Chefs offer both traditional and contemporary hands-on to a selected group, with individualized attention within our spacious location. You can taste food prepared in class,

Either along the way, or all at the end of the class.

Indian, Italian, international and Chinese Cuisine

Inspirational Selection of Indian, Italian, Sri Lankan and Chinese, using the best and freshest ingredients, in a fully Satellite Kitchen.

All menus highlight nutritional, health and wellness level! And your passport to learning! Travel the world in our kitchen!

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet new people and gather with your friends

Added Value to Culinary Dreams

  • Course Medium- Sinhala / English
  • Professional English relevant to Hotel environment
  • *Course Fee can be paid in installments
  • Work side by side with Star Class Hoteliers

*Terms and conditions apply

Target Audience

Our audience you, anyone who wants to spice up their life…

Trust us; you will not go away hungry!

*Terms and conditions apply

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